Semi-friends only, chaps.

This journal is semi-friends only. I will have private entries posted as friends-only, but most posts will be public. Public posts are most likely crossposted from my Dreamwidth which is now used as my regular blog.

UPDATE 03/2013 - yeah really don't use this thing anymore except to troll for icons to use on forums. So if I added you recently, and you don't know me, you must make pretty icons! :3

Meeeeemeeeeeee tiiiime

1. Do you use make-up?: I use cover-up, and use mascara/eyeshadow/eyeliner for special occasions. Mostly because I'm lazy.
2. What color eyeliner is your favorite?: Purple. It's supposed to bring out the green in my eyes. :P
3. What brand of mascara do you use?: Neutrogena
4. Do you use cover-up, bronzer, or blush?: Cover-up.
5. Is glitter tacky looking?: Products with a glittery look to them is fine but pure glitter is for little kids, dude.
6. Do you often use eyeshadow?: Not really.
7. What's your favorite color eyeshadow?: I like really bright colors. I really just like to match them to my outfit. I don't have favorites.
8. Lip gloss or Chapstick? Chapstick. <3
9. Are fake eyelashes gross?: No, unless they're completely obviously fake.
10. What makeup did you wear today?: None. It's my day off. :P

1. What's your favorite store?: Uhh. I have no idea, haha.
2. What color do you wear the most?: Black.
3. How many pairs of shoes do you own?: Two pairs of sneakers I can wear (DC and Converse) and tons of flip flops.
4. What is your favorite pair?: Black Converse, but I haven't been wearing them because they're not good for my feet.
5. Do you wear jeans often?: Every day.
6. How many skirts do you own?: 1.
7. Fuzzy socks or ankle socks?: Ankle
8. Do you often go shopping?: I try to.
10. Would you rather wear long sleeves, short, 3 quarter length, or sleeveless shirts?: Short

1. Are you comfortable with your body?: Sure.
2. Does it annoy you when girls say "I'm fat, I need to diet"?: I don't really care.
3. Do you workout?: No, and I need to.
4. Do you eat healthy?: No, but I should.
5. Do you have poor vision?: Yes. Hence glasses and contacts :P
6. Is there ever a specific spot on your body that always hurts?: My knees or my back.
7. Do you drink milk to build strong bones?: No. Milk is not as good as everyone thinks anyway...
8. Do you take daily Vitamins?: No.

Boys Boys Boys
1. To start this off, do you even like boys?: Yes.
2. Do you have a 'type'?: No.
3. Have you ever cheated on a guy?: No.
4. Are you a heartbreaker?: No.
5. Do you blush around the boy you like?: Not anymore.
6. What colour eyes do you prefer for a boy?: Doesn't matter?
7. What's the number one thing you look for in a boyfriend?: Purple eyes and a large dic....tionary.
8. Do you act ditzy around boys?: I act ditzy around everyone. I have anxiety issues, duh. :P But, no. I don't act ditzy on purpose.
9. Do you like it when a boy is totally cute, but he acts like he doesn't know it?: Haha are you fucking serious?

1. What color is your hair?: Blonde roots fading into red tips. I need to dye it so bad.
2. Does it get lighter in the summer?: Yes.
3. What products do you use in your hair?: Organix shampoo.
4. Naturally, your hair is: Lame: straight and thinnn
5. Have you ever gotten high/low lights?: No
6. Would you ever dye your hair any un-natural color?: Well the red I've dyed my hair isn't exactly natural, but if we're talking rainbow colors then YES. PURPLE.
7. How is your hair style right now?: It's tangly and icky because I slept on it and haven't had a shower yet today. :P
8. How do you wear your hair to school?: I just dry it and let it do its thing.
9. Does it annoy you when your hair sticks to your lip gloss/chapstick?: OMG YES.
10. Do you like your hair?: No, I want thick, full hair. :P

Tell the honest truth
1. Are you self consious?: conscious* I mean yes.
2. Do you think you're too fat/skinny?: I'm a teeny bit pudgy but as long as I maintain my weight I'll b
3. Would you ever self harm?: I used to do it for attention. I'm over that shit.
4. Are you happy with yourself?: Sure.
5. Do you sometimes feel your never good enough?: Oh yeah.
6. Do you stereotype people?: Yep.
7. Would you change yourself for the person you love?: No?
8. If it wasn't expensive, would you consider plastic surgery?: No.
9. If so, for what?: Nooo.
10. Did you answer honestly to these questions?:  Yep.

As A Baby
1. Were you you a quiet or really big cry baby? Quiet, unlike my brother. :)
2. How much did you weigh when you were born? Exactly 8 pounds.
3. What was you're first real sentence? your* No idea.
4. What do you remember about being a baby? Haha nothing?

As A Toddler/Young Kid
1. What was one of your favourite toys? I carried around a stuffed puppy named Lucky.
2. Were you a mommy or daddy's girl? Both.
3. How was you're childhood different from other kids? YOUR* And I don't know. My parents stayed together?
4. What was you're first pet? I give up. A cat named Binnie.
5. Did you have a favorite show you watched all the time? Freaking REDWALL dude.
6. What costumes did you wear for halloween? I don't remember.
7. What did your parents normally dress you up in? Clothes? I don't know.
9. Did your parents ever take you on vacation? Yeah, we went to New Jersey to the beach.

As a Teeny-Bopper
1. Did you're parents ever put you in any extra curricular activities? Piano.
2. Where did you live at this time? Same.
3. What was you're favourite band(s)? what was you're? seriously? ugh. Anyway, probably AC/DC.
4. Who was you're best friend at the time? I'm not going to name her. She dropped out and I never talk to her anymore. :(
5. Were you a really mouthy kid? Yeah.
6. Were you ever bullied in school? Sort of.
7. What's you're fondest memory of being a teeny-bopper? Being able to ride the bus home and have the rest of the day to be on the computer.

As a Teenager
1. Did you ever turn out to be a bad teen? I've done some bad stuff but I'm an angel compared to a lot of other teens I know...
2. Did you get good grades in school? No.
3. Were you in any certain "clique" or what they stereotyped (nerds, jocks, cool kids, losers etc): I hung out with the troublemakers for a while and ended up with the nerds/cliqueless people I guess.
4. What's the best part of being a teenager? Being able to drive.
5. How old were you upon getting you're first job? 16
6. Did you try any drugs at all? Yes.
7. Did you ever go to a psychiatrist? I went to a therapist.
8. Who did you look up to through these years? Jim Morrison.

Actor/Actress Meme

1. Johnny Depp or John Travolta
Johnny Depp

2. Kate Hudson or Kate Winslet
Kate Hudson

3. Tom Cruise or Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks

4. Orlando Bloom or Orlando Brown
Orlando Bloom

5. Will Ferrell or Will Smith
Will Smith

6. Jennifer Garner or Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston

7. Sophia Myles or Sophia Bush

8. James Franco or James McAvoy
James McAvoy

9. Matt Damon or Matt LeBlanc
Matt Damon

10. Amy Adams or Amy Poehler


11. Rachel McAdams or Rachel Bilson
Rachel Bilson

12. Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Gosling
Ryan Reynolds

13. Patrick Swayze or Patrick Dempsey
Patrick Swayze

14. Naomi Campbell or Naomi Watts

15. Eric McCormack or Eric Bana
Eric McCormack

16. Ben Affleck or Ben Stiller
Ben Stiller

17. Brad Pitt or Brad Garrett
Brad Pitt

18. Chris Tucker or Chris Rock
Chris Rock

19. Ellen Pompeo or Ellen DeGeneres
Ellen DeGeneres

20. Eva Mendes or Eva Longoria
Eva Mendes

21. David Schwimmer or David Hasselhoff
David Schwimmer

22. Robert De Niro or Robert Pattinson
Robert DeNiro

23. Josh Hartnett or Josh Lucas
Josh Hartnett

24. Zac Efron or Zach Braff
Zach Braff

25. Julia Stiles or Julia Roberts
Julia Stiles

26. Ashley Tisdale or Ashley Greene

27. Vanessa Williams or Vanessa Hudgens

28. Kristen Davis or Kristen Stewart

29. Matthew MacFadyen or Matthew McConaughey
Matthew MacFadyen

30. Sean Connery or Sean Penn
Sean Connery

31. Jena Malone or Jenna Elfman

32. Heidi Klum or Heidi Montag
Heidi Klum

33. Jim Carey or Jim Belushi
Jim Carrey*

34. Emma Thompson or Emma Watson
Emma Watson

35. Kelly Ripa or Kelly Preston
Kelly Preston

36. Amanda Pete or Amanda Bynes

37. Nicole Kidman or Nicolle Tom
Nicole Kidman

38. Bruce Willis or Bruce Lee
Bruce Willis

39. Demi Lovato or Demi Moore
Demi Moore

40. Billy Zane or Billy Burk

41. Alan Rickman or Alan Alda
Alan Rickman

42. Colin Firth or Colin Farrell
Colin Farrell

43. Denzel Washington or Forest Whitaker
Denzel Washington

44. Anne Hathaway or Anne Heche
Anne Hathawy

45. Jane Seymour or Jane Sibbett
Jane Seymour

46. Anna Paquin or Anna Farris
Anna Paquin

47. Brittany Murphy or Brittany Snow
Brittany Snow

48. Jessica Biel or Jessica Alba
Jessica Biel

49. Keira Knightley or Kyra Sedgwick
Keira Knightley

50. Sarah Michelle Geller or Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Michelle Gellar*


Meme time!

I am:
Happy. Sad. A good friend. Adventurous. Shy. Confident. Procrastinating. A male. Bored. Anxious. Clumsy. Sociable. Always punctual. Selfish. Intelligent. Funny. A female. Sarcastic. Insecure. Sick. Articulate. Loud. Kind. Even tempered. Honest. Short. Tall. Medium height. Proud of myself. Loving. Witty. Down to earth. Outspoken. Determined. High maintenance. Assertive. Organized. Selfless.

I have:
Brown hair. Brown Eyes. Blue Eyes. Curly hair. Long fingernails. Braces. Chipped nail polish. Long legs. Straight hair. A fringe. Long eyelashes. Sore feet. Freckles. Dark skin. Pale skin. Green eyes. Blonde hair. Dyed hair. Short legs. Red hair. Big boobs. Rosy cheeks. Wavy hair. Black hair. Small-ish waist. Tattoos. Piercings. Big ears. Short hair.

I love:
Flowers. Kisses. Summer. Coffee. The rain. Candles. Incense. Late night talk shows. Insects. Hugs. Attention. The beach. Chocolate. Music. Beanies. Harry Potter. Twilight. Facebook. Black and white photos. Sleeping in. Driving. Narrating my pet’s thoughts. Opening gifts. Buying gifts. Halloween. Cute texts. Apples. Compliments. Country music. Hip hop. Sushi. Sports. Art. Singing. Seeing my loved ones happy. Surprises. Sunsets and sunrises. Skinny dipping. Horror movies. Simon Cowell. Family Guy. Garlic. Hearing somebody talk in their sleep. Being right. KFC. Abstract photography. Concerts and festivals. Tanning. Oversized t-shirts.

I would love to be a:
Police officer. Lawyer. Doctor. Teacher. Fruit picker. Mother. Greenpeace volunteer. Hippie. Groupie. Rockstar. Footballer’s wife. Therapist. Singer. Actress. Diving instructor. Lottery winner. Company owner. Housewife. Nurse. Builder. Race car driver. Website developer. An inspirational talker. Music teacher. Artist. Chef. Makeup artist. Hairdresser. Restaurant owner. Homeless shelter volunteer. Fitness trainer. Veterinarian. Radio show host. Band manager.

I like to eat:
Fruit. Vegetables. Fast food. Sushi. In bed. Rice. Sandwiches. Subway. Chicken. Cakes. Seafood. A lot. Pasta. Rice crackers. When I’m bored. Cheese. Ice cream. Garlic bread. Peanut butter out of the jar. Eggs. Lots of ethnic foods. Pancakes. Honey. Lunch. Bread crusts. Low calorie foods. Soy products. Gluten free products. Only when I’m hungry. Toast. Breakfast. Pizza.

I dislike:
Cold mornings. Baths. People dissing my taste in music. People in front of me walking really slowly. Having my personal space invaded. Cleaning. Going to bed early. Wine/beer. Religion arguments. Coffee. The beach. Rain. Children. Having my photo taken. Drama. Gossiping. Hip hop. Cooking shows. Drugs. Cats. People singing happy birthday to me. Selfish people. Social networking sites. Swimming. Snow. Eminem. Seafood. One word text messages. Awkward silences. Alarm clocks. Hypocrites. Parents who don’t discipline their children. Rudeness.

Gender- and disability-related insults

I have decided that I really need to eliminate insults that put people down based on gender and disability. I don't use insults related to sexual orientation (words like faggot, I really hate that word) because I don't think it's right so why is it okay for me to continue throwing around the word "retarded" and gender-related insults? I definitely consider myself a feminist, and I like neutral things rather than gender-specific things, so whyyy has it taken me so long to stop this BS?

I'm going to make a list of words/phrases I will NOT use anymore:

Gender; Female:
Douche (bag) (sort of related, I guess, and gross in general)
Throwing/punching/hitting/etc. like a girl

Gender; Male:
Grow some balls/grow a pair/etc.


I still refuse to call things "gay" instead of stupid. Anyway, I'm sure there are tons more words/phrases but I think I've touched upon the major/common ones.

I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on this.

Political Quiz

Cause simplyxcinnamon took it. :P

Your true political self:
You are a Social Liberal (66% permissive)
and an... Economic Liberal (23% permissive)
You are best described as a: Democrat
You exhibit a very well-developed sense of Right and Wrong and believe in economic fairness.